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(...) The power of the group is as compelling as it is impressive, driven by its nonstop rhythm. But gradually they do separate, the personalities of each dancer emerging, the extraordinary vocal presence and power of Rama Koné, fromvBurkina Faso; she is a dancer and singer of unmatched potential. Hiphop movements are part of this, complemented by a number of traditional, diverse dances. Brilliantly intercut isolations and slow passages, unison and separation, this dance moves at a ferocious pace, carrying us with it, in a choreographic journey which includes Mali, Burkina Faso and Sénégal. (...)

Agnès Izrine, Dansercanalhistorique, September 22, 2021

(...) Led with immense precision and care by this French/ Sénégalese choreographer, whose spare aesthetics blend hiphop and contemporary dance, ranging from The Falling stardust to Urgence, Siguifin is characterized by the abundant enthusiasm and energy spilling off the stage. In its tableaux we see a mix of tribal and street dance, presenting a kaleidoscopic vision of youthful creation emerging from the African continent, building on the power of these nine young up-and-coming professional dancers.

L’oeil d’Olivier, September 21, 2021

(...) Here are nine young dancers (six men and three women, one of whom has a powerful, enchanting voice) channeling astonishing energy and freshness. The choreography blends contemporary, urban and African dancing, with solid anchoring and pounding feet. Its sequencing of cadavre exquis gives way to something called magical monster (which is what the word Siguifin means in the Bambara language), a multidimensional process, flowing and coherent, interspersed with moments of joy.

Delphine Baffour, la Terrasse, September 19, 2021

(...) Normally paced at a rollicking speed, this hip hop dance makes us wait for the payoff -- there is a generous pooling of movements, unlike other pieces in which movement involves challenges and competition, in a refreshing upending of dance norms. (...) There is a powerful group rhythm, which does not suppress the individuality of each performer, each holding his or her own while remaining essential cogs in the machine. We see the bodies in anatomical blocks: rotating shoulders, flat backs like rocks, hands devouring, inhaling the air, feet drumming the tempo, the shapes, a watchful voice guiding the group, onomatopoeia indicating changes in rhythm. The work is intercut with hybrid traveling patterns.

Muriel Steinmetz, L’Humanité, September 16, 2021

Press Quotes

Artistic Intentions

Siguifin means “magical monster” in the Bambara language. This new work is the result of a collective choreographic process inspired by the game of Exquisite corpse (a game involving the drawing of parts of the body, or combining words) to construct a magical, multi-faceted being. Research led by Naomi Fall on the dancers’ individualities and questions which will develop from this meeting of young people from the three countries, and will then allow Ladji Koné to position the dancers and their personalities against each other through a creative process based on mutual listening and group cohesiveness. Then Alioune Diagne will explore the dancers’ cultures and these 3 neighboring countries, since they are not at all similar.The texture of each creator’s dancing will be the bridge between all these parts of the work. Based on the mixing of the movement vocabularies, which will have been developed in the creation residencies, I will then create a through line, a canvas which connects yet also respects the three choreographic proposals, building that unique, magical being. I will also be interested in the young artists, channeling this question: what is their present, and what future will they build together in dialogue with the world?”
- Amala Dianor


Ladji was a self-taught dancer in his neighborhood of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. In 2003, the discovery of hip hop culture channeled his overflowing energy, and break dancing became his own personal movement research lab. After studying both theatre and musicality, he began working in contemporary dance.


Alioune Diagne is a choreographer and dancer, from Saint-Louis, Sénégal. He was first self-taught, and his trio Banlieue was an impressive success in 2012. Alioune Diagne is the Artistic Director of the Cultural Center Le Château and of the Association Diagn’Art, which organizes the international Duo Solo Dance Festival in Saint-Louis. 


A dancer and choreographer, Naomi Fall is a movement “explorer” and is also interested in exploring relationships to audiences in contemporary creation. Of multiple origins and having traveled extensively, Naomi Fall is interested in societal questions and the individuals who are a part of our society, building it, sometimes enduring it, examining the stereotypes which characterize our human relationships. 

Amala Dianor: Siguifin




Zodiak – Centre for New Dance is the only producer and venue focusing solely on contemporary dance in Helsinki. Zodiak co-creates the latest trends in the field of contemporary dance and brings the most fascinating artists and emerging ideas to a stage near you. Zodiak's courses and workshops are your door to a community where everyone is welcomed just as they are.

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A cooperative project for young dancers

Siguifin is first of all a collective choreographic creation which will introduce a new generation of artists, choreographers and dancers, players in a new, prolific artistic landscape, set in West Africa. With this project I intend to promote the talents and diversity of these young dancers from Mali, Burkina Faso and Sénégal.

Directer and Choreographer: 

Amala Dianor

After starting out as a hip hop dancer, Amala Dianor entered the prestigious CNDC school in Angers (in the class of 2002). He then performed for 10 years as a dancer with a number of choreographers in very different worlds, including hip hop, neo-classical, contemporary and afro-contemporary. In 2012, he founded his own company, and his dance style and vocabulary were immediately identifiable: sliding from one technique to another with ease and virtuosity, with a hybrid approach to shape, and a poetic approach to the issue of ‘otherness’.

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A cooperative project for young dancers
Siguifin is first of all a collective choreographic creation which will introduce a new generation of artists, choreographers and dancers, players in a new, prolific artistic landscape, set in West Africa. With this project I intend to promote the talents and diversity of these young dancers from Mali, Burkina Faso and Sénégal.

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Direction and Choreography: Amala Dianor
Choreography: Alioune Diagne, Naomi Fall, Ladji (Jain Souleymane Koné)
(Burkina Faso): Abdoul Kader Simporé aka Dainss, Daniel Koala aka Tchapratt, Rama Koné
(Sénégal): Roger Sarr, Alicia Sebia Gomis, Jules Djihounouck
(Mali): Adiara Traoré, Salif Zongo, Adama Mariko

Music: Awir Léon
Lights, Stage manager: Nicolas Tallec
Executive Manager: Mélanie Roger
Tour manager: Lucie Jeannenot

Production: Cie Amala Dianor / Kaplan, sustained by French State - DRAC Pays de la Loire, Pays de la Loire Region, Town of Angers. Since 2020, it is receiving the support of BNP Paribas Fondation. Amala Dianor is associated artist to Touka-Danse, CDC of Guyane (2021-2024) and Théâtre de Macon (2021-24) and Quinconces-Espale, scène nationale Le Mans (2021-2024).
Partners: Association Diagn'art - Alioune Diagne, Festival Fari Foni Waati - Naomi Fall, Collectif JUMP - Ladji Koné
Coproduction: Théâtre de Suresnes-Jean Vilar; Atelier de Paris / CDCN ; POLE-SUD, CDCN Strasbourg ; Institut français de Dakar, Sénégal; Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne; Centre de la danse Pierre Doussaint Grand Paris Seine et Oise

Siguifin is a Big Pulse Dance Alliance Commission, coproduced by Dublin Dance Festival (lreland), ONE Dance Week (Bulgaria), Julidans (Netherlands), Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Germany), Dance Umbrella (UK), CODA Oslo International Dance Festival (Norway) and presented by Zodiak – Side Step Festival (Finland), New Baltic Dance (Lithuania), International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA (Czech Republic), Torinodanza Festival (ltaly, tbc), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Performance photos by Laurent Philippe.

ZODIAK - Side Step Festival is a proud member of the

Big Pulse Dance Alliance

Big Pulse Dance Alliance is a vibrant partnership of European festivals and institutions united by a shared purpose. With a passionate belief in the potential of dance to share stories, create powerful experiences and connect with individuals and communities, Big Pulse is dedicated to strengthening and expanding the reach of contemporary dance.

Amala Dianor's Siguifin is a part of the Big Pulse Scaling Up programme.

The Big Pulse Scaling Up programme aims to bring contemporary dance to the big stages of Europe, adding variety to programming on these stages and engaging existing audiences and reaching out to new ones.

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